26th of June, 2017 experienced and shared in the “caught-up-ness” of a soul, where in simplicity intuition grew and a better knowledge sprang of things humans trivialize in mere languages and words. Of these things is this oft misunderstood experience: Emptiness. There is more to what we think it is, and only those who are […]


I knew but I never knew 

  The first time I saw her I knew she was creative but I never knew she was soon going to creatively carve out a fine building from my heart for herself; she captured my attention by her clear brilliancy; so, I concluded that I wanted her to be, not just my personal assistant (P.A.), […]

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What G. C. D.

What G C D: What God Cannot Do!   Hello friends, greetings! It may baffle you to know that there are many things God cannot do and yet we believe in Him. I will feed you weekly with each of this reality. Here you go for today’s What G.C.D : There’s something God cannot stop […]

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It is a great pleasure unraveling this article of mine, which was written in February, 2015. I have chosen to make a gradual revelation of it, bringing to you a simple link of the human heart and the spiritual life of knowing the Divine, in the raw terms of my own little but significant experiences. […]


God’s Prince

If in lost times I gathered golden stones From the shallow waters of dark eternity, I am wont now to swim Within grasping oceans of holy fertility.   Sacredness is hidden in my palms, And the present time breathes out sweetness; But when I get the wings Of the flying creatures of bodiless apparel, I’ll […]

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Dark on this day

    It was on this day, 29th of July, 2014 that I was able to make another great choice of Jesus as Divine, whether I believed or not. Prior to this given day I had suffered for many days, left without interior consolation, no form of spiritual delight, and left all to myself to […]

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I in lone-Consciousness

Diving into the awe of the moment, I know it’s time I am revealed! I am Little Love; the Divine in me is Great Love. In me, just like in Him, is the deep essence of encompassing reality called Love. Love is His Name; He gives me birth and I bear His Name! Why have […]

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